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PB Sport offers a range of different delivery service options dependent on your needs and whether you are looking for sportswear for the whole school or for individual sports and teams

Here at PB Sport, we have a number of delivery options to ensure your school sportswear arrives safe and sound.


Direct to school 

This is our most common method of delivery with your schools sportswear arriving with you within a few days.

PB Sport online shop

Our simple online ordering system for parents takes all the hassle away from your school and allows parents to order their sportswear themselves. This service is tailored to your requirements, giving parents a handy way to easily buy your schools sportswear. Get in touch today for find out more on 0115 964 0827

Chosen retailer 

Where needed, we can delivery your sportswear direct to a chosen retailer to allow parents to purchase the garments.


For sportswear that is worn by the whole school and where the school requirements are large, we can offer a managed stock holding service whereby we hold stock on your behalf and you can call it off as and when required. This service includes:

  • Guaranteed 5 day delivery service throughout the year, even for highly bespoke styles.
  • Frees up space that would otherwise be taken up by stock
  • Frees up school funds since garments are only invoiced when they are delivered [/list]

At PB Sport we try to make the supply of high quality sportswear as hassle free as we can and we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.