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Primary school pe kit

Sport Premium funding for Primary PE  has now doubled. The aim being to provide training for teachers, more varied activities, and new equipment.

There has been a lot of concern around health within the younger generations. Several reports stating that obesity has reached an all-time high. In a report by Ofsted, ‘Beyond 2012- outstanding physical education for all’ we are informed that PE is generally in good health. Investment over the last decade has ensured PE is a central part of school life for pupils of all ages. However, in some schools Ofsted found there was not enough physical activity in PE lessons. In more than a quarter of schools, teaching did not improve pupils’ physical fitness.

Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw said:

‘Physical education is part of every child’s entitlement to a good education. Generally, PE in our schools is in good health, but there are some issues the report highlights as areas for improvement. In particular, we found there often wasn’t enough physical, strenuous activity in PE lessons. Some teachers talked for too long and pupils were not provided with enough activity to enable them to learn or practice their skills.’

Fitness first for PE in schools

There is now an increased focus on generally activities within schools. Including classes that contain more fitness based routines i.e. squatting, lunging, pushing, bracing, and rotating. This being similar to The British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine (BASEM)  “five-in-five” routine.

Recent Youth Sport Trust research involving 26,000 young people through various Active programs showed that just 16% of boys and 27% of girls aged 11-16-years-old are happy with the way their body looks. It is sad that at such a young age, body image is forefront of girls’ and boys’ minds. What is worse, the research states that 12% of boys and 28% of girls said their lack of confidence in school was the reason they were not getting active – and so the downward spiral continues.

Providing pupils with active wear that they feel good in can be a great way to give them the confidence that they need.